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Advocacy Team

For uninsured and underinsured Americans who cannot afford their prescribed medications.

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call: 1.877.386.0206

Start as low at $35.00 a month

How it Works

Once I start my application, what happens next?

Step 1

Start an application online or over the phone at 1.877.386.0206

Step 2

A Simplefill Advocate will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your application and if qualified, enroll you into the program.

Step 3

A Simplefill advocate will contact your doctor and send you a packet to sign and review. Once you send your packet back you will start receiving your prescriptions within 3-5 weeks.

About Us

Is this for real? Yes! Learn how our program can help you.

Simplefill was founded to help uninsured and under-insured Americans afford their prescribed medications. The high cost of brand name drugs has caused many people to be forced to go without their much needed prescriptions. Simplefill advocates refuse to accept this and have worked hard to develop an innovative way to help those who qualify receive their prescribed drugs, for free, through the Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs).
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What does it take to qualify for this program?

You must have limited or no prescription coverage and must fall within our income guidelines in order to qualify for our program.

The income guidelines vary depending on the prescription you need help with. It is usually between 200% and 400% above the Federal Poverty Guideline.

For questions regarding our qualification guidelines please email us at questions@simplefill.com or call us at 1-877-386-0206.