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    Online Application

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    24 Hour Response

    A Simplefill Advocate will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your application and if qualified, enroll you into the program.

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    The Program

    Simplefill is a full-service prescription assistance company that researches, qualifies, and maintains patients’ enrollment in all sources of assistance available to them.

  • About Us


    Is this for real? Yes! Learn how our program can help you! Simplefill’s primary goal is to help Americans gain access to their prescribed medications. For patients, advocates, and Health Care Providers searching for help navigating the Patient Assistance Programs and/or medication funding through grants and foundations, Simplefill can provide the solution…Read More

  • Qualificiations


    What does it take to qualify for this program? We look at each one of our patients as a unique case. In addition, each medication has its own set of guidelines and varies based on the level of insurance and income that the patient has.  This is why we have Simplefill representatives spend time with each patient over the phone to determine if we can help before we enroll the patient… Learn more

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    Simplefill Assists patients who have high copayments for their medications. We offer assistance with over 1,500 medications that are used to treat a multitude of illnesses. These medications include, but are not limited to the treatment of Cancer, Diabetes, COPD, Hepatitis, Chrons Disease…Learn More

Our Blog

The Open Enrollment period for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act is coming up soon, and we want our Simplefill community to be prepared for this important time of year. Grab a pen and get ready to mark your calendars with the information you need about coverage from a Qualified Health Plan. READ MORE

An estimated 1.1 million Americans live with HIV every day. Proper medical attention is essential in order to cope with this taxing illness, but too often the AIDS and HIV treatment cost hinders patients’ access to this vital care. If you cannot afford the cost of HIV medication, then there is a solution. Simplefill is […] READ MORE


“Simplefill has made it possible for me to get the medications I need. They have helped to find various avenues to pay for the extravagant costs of these medications, along with doing all the paperwork that is necessary. The people at Simplefill that have helped me are very courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable at what they do. Thank you so much for helping me to function in life by finding ways to help me afford these medications at a minimal cost.”

– Christine Patters, Wisconsin, Simplefill Member